L-Glutamine Guide: Benefits, Sources, and Side Effects for Men

If you’ve been optimizing your health and fitness, you’ve likely considered supporting your training with nutrition and supplementation. Most men look for ways to improve performance, boost results, and speed up recovery. Some supplements are common knowledge and widely used (think creatine, whey protein powder, and collagen); others are less familiar like glycine propionyl-L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). … Read more

Great Jones Distilling Opens Basquiat Bar With Exclusive Bottle

In the ’80s, New York City’s revered artist Jean-Michel Basquiat created much of his famed artwork in his studio on Great Jones Street. Typically you’d find these masterpieces at scale in museums the world over. Now, you can find them displayed on bottles of limited-edition whiskey just a stone’s throw from the artist’s former residence, at Great Jones … Read more

Cazadores Releases New Coffee-Infused Tequila Liqueur

Fans of Patron XO, the sadly terminated coffee liqueur made from tequila and arabica coffee essence that carried an almost cult-like status among enthusiasts, finally have another option in the joe-spirits space: Cazadores Café. While there are differences between the famed Patron XO and Cazadores Café, both brands are owned by Bacardi and also have … Read more