Richard Barnes Completes Solo Kayak Crossing of Tasman Sea

After over two months and 2,000 treacherous kilometers, Aussie kayaker Richard Barnes completes one of the world’s most perilous paddling feats. Sixty-seven days—but’s who’s counting? Richard Barnes sure was, as that’s how many Earth rotations it took for him to kayak the treacherous Tasman Sea solo from Hobart, Australia to New Zealand. The dogged Australian paddler completed his … Read more

Most Scenic Hot Springs to Soak Away Stress

From Banff to Baden-Baden, here are our steamy favorite thermal baths to put your mind and body at ease. Hot springs are among Earth’s most deep-rooted gifts. Created from groundwater’s interaction with magma and hot igneous rock from the planet’s molten core, super-heated springs (aka thermal baths) are found around the globe—ranging from small natural pools … Read more