Archaeologists Discover Skeletal Remains, Preserved Glassware at Ancient Settlement

French archaeologists made several astonishing discoveries in Rue de Beaucaire in Nîmes, including roads, skeletal remains, funeral pyres, and well-preserved glassware. According to Archaeology Magazine (via INRAP) they date back to somewhere between the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. and 2 A.D. and were made near the Via Domitia, once a major Roman trading route. … Read more

Males Could Be More Likely to Inherit Autism, Study Finds

A new study published in the JAMA Psychiatry journal is illuminating a possible correlation between one’s sex and their possibility of inheriting autism from a parent. Researchers in Sweden examined more than one million children born between 1985 and 1998 and found that males had a higher rate of heritability for autism spectrum disorder than … Read more

Archaeologists Unearth Larger-Than-Expected Roman Settlement in Construction Site

Swiss archaeologists excavating a site in Gebenstorf discovered a sprawling Roman encampment in Canton of Aargau, Archaeology News reported, which is much larger than previously anticipated. The site itself is being eyed for residential development, leaving excavators scrambling to preserve its history. An aerial view of the excavation site. Cantonal Archeology, © Canton Aargau The … Read more