Could the Mercedes 2024 eSprinter Become a #eVanlife Staple?

Before you get too excited, the Mercedes 2024 eSprinter you’re eyeballing here isn’t meant for you and your latter-day Burning Man dreams. I know, that’s a major buzz kill, but only sorta. See, the eSprinter is indeed all new, and it is indeed a major jump forward over the prior, limited-range edition previously sold in … Read more

The Best Micro Hotels Around the World

Micro hotels, or hotels offering pint-sized rooms for travelers, might not sound glamorous, but they make a lot of sense. While we’re not opposed to cavernous hotel rooms, let’s be honest—how many vacations have you been on where the hotel was the main attraction? Ultimately, you’re paying to have a really big place to store … Read more

Where to Find the Best Negronis in Milan

While the Negroni was born in Florence, it came into its own in Milan, the birthplace of Campari. As such, finding the best Negronis in Milan can be a bit overwhelming—but we love a challenge. While the origins of the Negroni remain uncertain, the most widely accepted story claims it was first mixed in Florence … Read more

The Best Prop Bets for Super Bowl LVII

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will meet in Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, AZ. In addition to being the biggest moment of the NFL calendar, it’ll be the most bet-on event of the sports year. The Eagles are 1.5-point favorites, but the spread is just a portion of the action: There … Read more