One of Scotland’s Most Sought After Distilleries Releases First New Bottles in More Than 40 Years

Port Ellen is synonymous with superior single malt Scotch. The legendary distillery off the southeastern shores of Scotland is responsible for some of the most sought after whiskies of the 21st century. What makes the liquid so special? Beyond the exceptionality of its maritime-forward house style, people tend to pine for what they can’t have. … Read more

Be Warned: Woodford Reserve’s New Bourbon Is Really, Really Strong

Fans of Woodford Reserve, rejoice. Just weeks after launching the latest edition of its beloved Double Double Oaked Bourbon, the Kentucky-based whiskey maker has unveiled its latest limited-edition bottle, the annual Woodford Reserve Batch Proof. Coming in at an un-sobering 121.2 proof (the usual whiskey comes in at 90.4 proof), the 2024 Woodford Reserve Batch Proof … Read more

This Limited-Edition Whiskey Collection Is Historic, Delicious, and Surprisingly Affordable

On February 21, Kansas City, Missouri-based J.Rieger & Co. is releasing a rare new whiskey collection that celebrates Black baseball history. The quartet features four different styles of whiskey, representing cities where Negro Leagues teams played in the first half of the 20th century.  Until Jackie Robinson stepped onto Ebbets Field for the Brooklyn Dodgers … Read more

130-Year-Old Distillery Launches Rare Scotch to the U.S. for the First Time Ever

It’s not often that a 130-year-old Scotch whisky brand makes its first appearance in the U.S. When it does, what better place for the inevitable media spectacle marking the occasion than the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles? Home to Hollywood icons, dignitaries, movers and shakers of all sorts, and those … Read more