The Black Keys on What It Takes for a Band to Make Its Big Break

Gritty rock music and bourbon whiskey go way back. The soundtrack of America owes much to this union, so it’s no surprise that present-day torchbearers of blues rock grit, The Black Keys, have aligned with the equally timeless Wild Turkey. The bourbon maker just launched its Trust Your Spirit campaign, which includes concerts throughout the rest of … Read more

5 New Bourbon Brands to Try Now

Whiskey fans never tire of searching for the next fleet of great new bourbon brands. These fresh arrivals are your next big sips. If it seems like there’s a new whiskey release every month, that’s because there actually is. Longstanding brands and distilleries continue to expand their lineups with new additions and limited-edition annual releases, … Read more

GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 11: One of the Best New Scotch Releases

In Scotch-making, many a liquid is matured in sherry butts—large, 500-liter casks, which were formerly filled with the famed fortified wine of Spain. Along the way, these malts tend to extract a nutty richness, with flavors of dark chocolate and fruit, leather, and even touches of tobacco. If the whisky is especially expressive of these … Read more