The “June” Intelligent Oven Is the Future of Cooking

Today we take a first look at June, an oven created by former employees of Apple, GoPro, Path and Google. The home device comes packed with innovative technology, including a built-in camera and the ability to check in with your smartphone to see the progress of your meal. Perhaps most interesting though is June’s learning function. In other words, the more June users there are, the more the system will know and will be able to assist. The top part of the oven, meanwhile, serves as a digital scale, so June is always aware of how much your food weighs. Furthermore, the gadget come with tons of recipes specifically created for it, all of which make the best use of the technology.

The smart oven is priced at $1,495 and measures in at around the size of a regular microwave.  June will begin shipping early Spring 2016.

[youtube id=”lCuLxqGd0go” width=”600″ height=”350″]