Study Shows Weed May Be a Better Treatment for ADHD Than Adderall or Ritalin

With the mainstream attitude toward weed continuing to shift to a very positive (and quite lucrative) place, an apparent windfall of medical studies have unleashed their findings on the general public in the name of science. We already knew that weed may help heal broken bones, improve your parenting skills, and even bring you closer to one or … Read more

Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25 Percent in States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal

Painkiller overdoses are a growing problem nationwide, but new research shows that medical marijuana might be one way to fix the problem. Newsweek reports that in states where medical marijuana is legal painkiller deaths and overdoses are 25 percent lower than the national rate. More than 16,500 people died of opioid drug overdoses in the … Read more