‘Natural’ Is A Meaningless Marketing Term When Applied To Food

One of the many labels that you’ll see on food at your local food-buying store is “natural.” What marketers want you to think is that “natural” products lack artificial flavor or color additives or preservatives, and maybe even that they’re made with organic ingredients. What it actually means is that the product says “natural” on … Read more


Almost everyone loves bacon. It’s ridiculously awesome. And many people have very mixed views about whether bacon is actually good or bad for you. It’s not defined as completely healthy, but does have some amazing health benefits if you have it just about once a week. HERE ARE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF BACON: It’s packed … Read more

New Report Says Hot Dogs Contain Human DNA, Veggie Hot Dogs Contain Meat

Hot dogs have always been known as the mystery meat, and you can’t get through a barbecue without people asking someone if they know about what they’re made of. But is it possible that they’re more gross than we thought? Maybe. A new report by Clear Foods researchers found that your vegetarian hot dog might not … Read more