Fire up the grill and throw a legendary backyard BBQ with these Bacon Wrapped Brats with Cheddar Beer Sauce and Sriracha! INGREDIENTS 4 Johnsonville® Beef Brats (or brat flavor of your choice) 4 slices bacon 4 buns Cheddar-Beer Sauce (recipe below) Sriracha for the Cheddar-Beer Sauce ½ tablespoon unsalted butter ½ tablespoon all-purpose flour 4 … Read more

The Truth About the Post-Workout Beer

If you exercise, chances are you also drink. I know this because according to a new study from Northwestern Medicine, people tend to drink more alcohol on the days they’ve exercised. Especially beer. It could be because we reward ourselves with a post-run brewski, or because we’ve used up all of our willpower on exercise, … Read more

Sempli Designs Different Glasses for Different Beers in “Monti” Collection

If different cocktails require specific glasses, why deny that luxury to beer? LA-based design brand Sempli has addressed this gap, creating four different beer glasses for IPAs, pilsners, pints and 12oz bottles in the “Monti” collection. Design elements consider both the presentation of the drink in the use of angular lines, as well as enhancing … Read more