Scientists Have Isolated 6 Natural Compounds That Could Help Us Slow Down Aging

The fountain of youth might only exist as a mythical concept, but that’s not stopping scientists from trying to find its molecular equivalent. Right now, there are huge levels of interest in drugs such as rapamycin and metformin, for example, thanks to their impressive life-extending and disease-fighting properties. But a new study suggests that the … Read more

Yoga vs. Gym: Which Workout is Better?

Is your favorite workout the best workout? That’s a question asked frequently by anyone who wants to get fit. Which exercise yields the best results? A new study put two popular fitness routines to the test, yoga classes and gym workouts. Researchers from the University of Texas’ Health Science Center in San Antonio asked volunteers … Read more

VetiGel, A Plant-Based Gel That Can Stop Bleeding in 20 Seconds When Applied to a Wound

VetiGel is a gel created by Brooklyn-based biotech startup Suneris that is made from plant-based polymers that are able to stop bleeding in 20 seconds when applied to a wound, working in congress with the human body’s natural healing processes. Bloomberg interviewed Suneris CEO/NYU student Joe Landolina about the product, which is still in the … Read more