Fitness Apps Moving Up to the Big Leagues

In February, sports equipment company ASICS acquired FitnessKeeper, which operates the Runkeeper app. The move might have raised eyebrows if it had been the first brand to do this, but it wasthe third in recent app acquisitions by sporting goods-related companies. In August of last year, Adidas acquired Runtastic, and in February of 2015, Under … Read more

In-N-Out Will Become Even More Popular By Switching To Antibiotic-Free Meat

In-N-Out, the mega popular Western U.S. fast food chain, is known for its delicious burgers and secret menu, as well as being a popular late night spot for the likes of Drake, Steph Curry, and other celebrities. Now the burger chain has announced an important change to its ingredients — it will no longer use … Read more

IKEA Launches Indoor Garden That Can Grow Food All Year-Round

If you are living in the city, but have always wanted to grow your own vegetables and herbs, then Swedish furniture giant IKEA might actually have the solution for you. They just announced their new KRYDDA/VXER hydroponic garden, which allows you to grow fresh produce right at home, all year-around. You can grow plants without … Read more

Why Bowls are the New Plates

From grain to noodle and veggie bowls, it’s clear that bowls are overtaking plates as the dish of choice these days. For some, eating out of a bowl is the ultimate in traditional comfort food, while others say bowls are their top pick because they create easy portion control and convenience. Eating from a bowl … Read more