Veggie Bouquets Are Becoming A Trendy Wedding Alternative To Flowers

The future of weddings involves kale, apparently. Welcome to the exciting new trend of veggie bouquets.

The Telegraph has placed a spotlight on the growing popularity of ditching flowers for something a smidge more edible when it comes to your nuptials. Your good pal fruit is also getting in on the action which has come about thanks to a demand for “looser and more asymmetric arrangements.” That means traditional picks like roses are getting passed over for broccoli, artichokes and attractive bits of citrus.

Here’s a snap of a bouquet styled by Jamison Flowers in Canberra, Australia.

Chris Rose, head florist for UK supermarket chain Waitrose, offered up his take on the growing interest in going veg as a wedding option.

“Wild and whimsical bouquets are popular, with a heady mix of flowers, foliage, herbs, and fruit and vegetables.

“Brides are looking for seasonal arrangements and the trend lends itself to locally sourced products.”

According to The Telegraph‘s findings, brides are fond of selecting locally sourced produce when preparing their bouquet. We suppose that’s a more sensible request of a floral expert versus “I dunno, open up a bag of frozen peas and pour that sh*t on there.”

Herbs are invited to the vegetable bouquet party too. The outlet notes that consumers making the purchase are drawn to the “symbolism” provided by their choice of herb. Lavender is said to represent devotion and undying love with thyme ticking the “courage” side of the herb symbolism worksheet.

Ideally this all ends in someone digitally editing the Guns N’ Roses video for “November Rain” so that broccoli-based arrangements are subbed in for flower ones. Make it happen, Internet!