Sempli Designs Different Glasses for Different Beers in “Monti” Collection

If different cocktails require specific glasses, why deny that luxury to beer? LA-based design brand Sempli has addressed this gap, creating four different beer glasses for IPAs, pilsners, pints and 12oz bottles in the “Monti” collection. Design elements consider both the presentation of the drink in the use of angular lines, as well as enhancing the drinking sensation in the inverted conical bases, which “lead the effervescence of the brew up to the surface.” Otherwise, the tall glass is optimized for pilsners as the longer distance the bubbles travel helps retain fizziness, while the figure-of-eight IPA glass helps aerate the ale by taking it on “a mini rollercoaster ride into the glass.” Mouth-blown from lead-free crystal, the Sempli “Monti” collection is now available online for $100 USD.