There are certain foods like pasta, vegetables, sauces and fish that have to be cooked just perfectly. For instance, overcooked or undercooked pasta can ruin the entire meal regardless of how delicious the sauce might be. Having proper saucepans is one way of eliminating that age-old question: “Is it done yet?” The Danish brand Eva Solo has launched a line of cookware called Gravity that will streamline both food preparation and cooking.

Eva Solo pots and pans are made from high quality, polished stainless steel with a sandwich base which means that heat is optimally distributed to ensure even cooking. The pots have a built-in steam vent which easily releases the steam and a glass top lid so you can check on your food without having to lift the lid. With the Gravity cookware you don’t need to worry about spilling food and making a right old mess of the kitchen counters. They all have lids that stand on the edge of the pot to prevent messy pouring.

The Gravity saucepans are also equipped with an integrated colander. All you need to do to drain water from the pot is to lift and twist the lid. The collection comprises of two generous size pots (of 4 and 6.5 liter capacity / 1.05 and 1.71 gallons), a sauté pot, and a frying pan. As for the latter, it has a non-stick Slip-Let coating and Stay Cool handle. The Gravity pots and pans are compatible with all heat sources, they are dishwasher safe and are available in two colors – Flame and Gray.