How to Do a Dumbbell Pullover

Dumbbell pullovers nearly do it all for your upper body. Now’s the time to add this multi-purpose exercise into your workout. The dumbbell pullover is a foundational resistance exercise that’s been a mainstay of workouts to build strength and mass since Arnold Schwarzenegger and company popularized strength training and bodybuilding in the 1970s. The pullover … Read more

What Is Junk Volume and How to Avoid in Your Training

More isn’t always more. Learn how to eliminate needless volume from your training and make each rep count. More isn’t always more. There’s a phenomenon called junk volume that refers to any type of training that inhibits muscle growth. You think you’re cheating the system by adding excessive reps or sets in a workout to … Read more

50 Best Ab Exercises of All Time

The best ab workouts aren’t just for those seeking chiseled physiques. Athletes of all sports—from baseball to football to hockey—base their physical training on improving the strength of their core using compound movements. Learning how to engage your core is crucial for protecting the spine during everyday movements, as well as sports. Regardless of where … Read more