Best Tropical Islands to Work Remotely for Extended Stays

By 2025, 22 percent of the American workforce will work remotely, according to an Upwork study—a stark increase from the pre-Covid figures. For most, that means working from home. For the intrepid, it means embracing working remotely on a sun-dappled terrace with an exotic fruit platter beside your laptop. If you’re getting a little home … Read more

Want to Be More Productive Working from Home? Tap into Your Senses.

Since working from home has solidified its place as the “new normal,” we’re chockablock with tips for work-from-home productivity: have a morning routine, maintain a consistent schedule, dress in real clothes (maybe not hard pants, but not pajamas either). We also know all about taking frequent work breaks, utilizing a sit-stand desk, and incorporating microworkouts. … Read more