Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare’s Preventive Services Provision

A federal judge in Texas who previously ruled to dismantle the Affordable Care Act struck down a narrower but key part of the nation’s health law Thursday that requires most insurers to cover preventive services that include screenings for cancer, diabetes and mental health. Other no-cost services, including HIV screenings, are also impacted under the … Read more

The Opioid-Treatment Narcan Can Now Be Purchased Over-the-Counter, Without a Prescription

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved selling naloxone without a prescription, setting the overdose-reversing drug on course to become the first opioid treatment drug to be sold over the counter. It’s a move that some advocates have long sought as a way to improve access to a life-saving drug, though the exact … Read more

What To Know About New Research on Coffee and Heart Risks

Coffee lovers—and their doctors—have long wondered whether a jolt of java can affect the heart. New research published Wednesday finds that drinking caffeinated coffee did not significantly affect one kind of heart hiccup that can feel like a skipped beat. But it did signal a slight increase in another type of irregular heartbeat in people … Read more

Deadly Marburg Virus Spreads to Tanzania for the First Time

Tanzania reported its first outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus after eight people developed symptoms including fever, vomiting, bleeding and kidney failure. Testing by the east African country confirmed the presence of the highly virulent disease that causes hemorrhagic fever, the World Health Organization said in a statement late Tuesday. Five of the eight cases … Read more