Johnnie Walker’s New Limited-Edition Blue Label Delivers Classic Flavor

Each year, Johnnie Walker Blue Label designs a special bottle to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The bottles are particularly striking and beautiful and feature designs created by famous artists many of us—including this writer—would not be familiar with if not for these bottlings.  By no means is Johnnie Walker alone in this somewhat avaricious … Read more

This Limited Edition Canadian Whisky Offers a Surprising Twist for Under $40

Umami is the flavor of now. Dubbed the fifth primary taste—along with sweet, sour, bitter and salty—chefs, burger chains, and even spirits makers are getting in on the action. Last year, Johnnie Walker released a special savory edition of its classic Blue Label called Elusive Umami. Now Canadian whisky maker Bearface releases its own umami spirit, Matsutake … Read more

You Won’t Believe How Talisker Aged Its New, Ultra-Rare Scotch

The Canadian tundra’s cold, glacial waters shaped the warm body of Talisker’s newest whisky: Glacial Edge Aged 45 Years. As the final bottling in Talisker’s Xpedition Series, a group of whiskies inspired by adventure and wilderness, Aged 45 Year speaks to the ethos of the Scottish Isle of Skye-based distillery, which shares a bond with … Read more

No One Knows What’s in Bruichladdich’s Newest Scotch

Scotch maker Bruichladdich doesn’t usually keep secrets. The brand tends to share pertinent details about its bottlings with customers, including barley origin, types of casks, and beyond. But Bruichladdich’s Black Art collection—first introduced in 2012—purposefully cloaks its whiskies in mystery. The newest addition to the collection, , continues the puzzle. All we know? That head distiller Adam Hannett … Read more