One Shoe for Every Wedding: We Found It 53% Off at Nordstrom Rack

Despite the joy weddings create, the expectation of attending several every summer (potentially every year) can be excruciating. Many guys need new outfits before each wedding season after outgrowing last year’s spectator garb. The shoes, however, can be easier. Nordstrom Rack just marked down the Magnanni Tassel Loafer — a shoe versatile enough for any … Read more

Best Destination Wedding Locations to Tie the Knot

There’s nothing wrong with getting married in your hometown, whether it’s in your folks’ backyard or at the church you grew up attending. Many people like the familiar, nostalgic backdrop. Others might find it a bit too rote and, well, expected. That’s a big reason to take your wedding on the road—or to the skies, … Read more