Garmin Releases MARQ Collection of Luxury Tool Watches

The divide between smartwatches and luxury watches was very stark when the computers-on-a-wrist first came out: clunky plastic versus sleek metal. But now, the second-generation Garmin MARQ Collection is closing the gap. These five powerful smartwatches are just as good-looking and desirable as fancy timepieces costing 10 times as much with an eighth of the … Read more

Hodinkee’s 10/10 Sales Event Offers 10 Rare Rolexes at Equally Rare Prices

Gas, used cars, free-range eggs—prices have been skyrocketing across the board with today’s rampant inflation. Quality watches are no exception. These days, the chance to score a really nice timepiece at a normal-ish retail price has all but vanished, especially in the higher-end market. So how do you buy your next family heirloom watch these … Read more

Style & Design 2023: Hot New Gear You Need in Your Life

Introducing our 2023 Style & Design selections, an annual tradition where Men’s Journal editors and contributors cherry pick the latest gear that will improve your life in the year ahead—and look good doing it. We’ve gathered an eclectic list that ranges from build-it-yourself supercars and electric jet skis to eco-conscious jackets and bio-circular boots, plus … Read more