Patients Complain Some Obesity Care Startups Offer Pills, and Not Much Else

Many Americans turn to the latest big idea to lose weight — fad diets, fitness crazes, dodgy herbs and pills, bariatric surgery, just to name a few. They’re rarely the magic solution people dream of. Now a wave of startups offer access to a new category of drugs coupled with intensive behavioral coaching online. But … Read more

Weight Loss Gadgets: They Provide Data to Help Consumers Achieve Diet Goals, but It Still Won’t Be Easy

I felt a special kind of awe, then panic, watching my glucose levels skyrocket for the first time after relishing a cold beer on a sweltering summer evening. It was a biological push notification from the fluid just beneath my skin that the carbohydrate-packed beverage was interfering with efforts to maintain my health and weight. … Read more

New Generation of Weight Loss Medications Offer Promise — But at a Price

Excitement is building about a new generation of drugs that tout the ability to help adults with excess weight shed more pounds than older drugs on the market. Some patients, obesity medicine specialists say, are experiencing decreases in blood pressure, better-managed diabetes, less joint pain, and better sleep from these newfound treatments. The newer drugs, … Read more

Índice de masa corporal: una medida errónea del peso que afecta el tratamiento de la obesidad

Las personas que buscan tratamiento médico por problemas de sobrepeso o por un trastorno alimentario, tienen la esperanza de que sus seguros lo paguen, al menos parte. Pero que se cubra o no depende de una medida inventada hace casi 200 años por un matemático belga, que utilizó la estadística para encontrar a la “persona … Read more