‘Kings of Pain’ Hosts Voluntarily Get Attacked by Dangerous Animals

During most nature programs, an encounter with a deadly animal is the climax, where the host cautiously circles, gets the shot, explains from afar, then gets the heck out of there. Kings of Pain on The History Channel is different. Instead, wildlife biologist Adam Thorn and animal handler Rob “Caveman” Alleva take turns getting voluntarily … Read more

‘The Offer’ Trailer: Paramount’s New Series Explores Making of ‘The Godfather’

While we’re eagerly anticipating Miles Teller’s appearance in Top Gun: Maverick (it premieres in late May), he has another project that’s arriving even sooner. Teller stars in The Offer, a new TV show from Paramount that chronicles the making of one of the most iconic films ever produced: The Godfather. Teller plays the role of … Read more