‘Several Dozen’ Cars Found Submerged in Miami Lake

Miami-Dade police officers have begun removing 32 cars found submerged in a Doral, FL lake. Private investigators looking into a missing persons cold case hired divers to trawl the lake for evidence. They subsequently discovered dozens of cars below the surface. Local police were notified, and on Tuesday morning efforts began to fish the vehicles … Read more

Was the Killing of a German Businessman by U.S. Army Vets a Hit Job?

Lukas Fecker was pissed. The Swiss CEO’s American “protection,” U.S. Army veteran Justin Causey, had failed him again. “5 weeks,” Fecker texted Causey in an encrypted messaging app. Five weeks of failure with two different attempts by different teams of supposedly highly trained American military personnel, all to shake down an unpaid debt from an … Read more