2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD Test Drive

There’s quite a bit to love about the newly refreshed 2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD. It’s a sumptuous sedan perfect for cruising in style. Naturally, there are bells and whistles galore. But perhaps the sweetest optional extra on the brand’s flagship sedan is that there are none. With most luxury models, the options and packages … Read more

First Drive: Genesis Electrified G80 Boasts All the Luxury Creature Comforts—Without Gas

To the casual observer, it would be tough to recognize the new Genesis Electrified G80 as a fully battery-powered car. There’s no badging that says “electric” or “EV” on the outside. On the back, it merely says G80 and features the brand logo. But if you look closely, there’s no exhaust and the grill is … Read more

2023 Nissan Z Is the Hottest Sports Car of the Year

The nearly new 2023 Nissan Z, as well as Toyota’s just-announced 2023 Toyota Corolla GR, signal a last-gasp of internal combustion sports cars…probably. EV sports cars will come, but just like nearly every EV that’s hit the market recently, they’ll be expensive at first because they’ll demand overcoming a 130-year battle in the automotive space: … Read more