Best Red Light Devices for Hair Loss, Workout Recovery, and More

You can buy at-home infrared light devices to help manage everything from injuries to hair loss. Here are the best to consider. For at least a decade, doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors have used infrared light therapy to heal injured muscles and treat conditions like Parkinson disease, depression, and even cancer. Now, the benefits are not … Read more

Moderna’s mRNA-Based RSV Vaccine Just Passed a Major Test

Moderna has become a well-known name thanks to its highly effective COVID-19 vaccine, based on mRNA technology. But even before the pandemic hit, the company was developing an mRNA-based vaccine against another scourge, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which primarily affects infants and the elderly. In a release issued on Jan. 17, the Massachusetts-based company said … Read more

A New TikTok Trend Using Bella Hadid’s Voice Is Normalizing Disordered Eating

A viral new TikTok trend using audio of model Bella Hadid’s voice has raised concern online for normalizing disordered eating and making light of eating disorders. The audio, originally taken from a video of Hadid from an i-D cover shoot, features the model’s voice saying, “My name, my name is Bella Hadid.” While it was … Read more

Why Disconnecting From Your Phone Is So Good for You—and How to Do It

Graham Dugoni was sick of seeing smartphones everywhere when he lived in San Francisco in 2014. So he decided to create device-free spaces for people like him: artists, educators, and anyone else who craved a digital break. The result is Yondr, a physical way to disconnect at concerts, schools, courtrooms, and private events. If a … Read more