New Anti-Bacterial Packaging Doubles the Shelf-Life of Perishable Food

Covering leftovers with plastic wrap (aka cling wrap) is a good way of keeping your food fresher for longer, but these films can be fairly limited, because they mainly prevent spoilage by sealing everything off from oxygen. But a new kind of natural packaging wrap derived from the shells of shrimp and other crustaceans could … Read more


If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t an individual serving size machine for cocktails like there is for coffee, you can stop wondering. Bartesian Capsule Cocktail Machine takes that concept and brings it into the world of booze, turning you into a confident mixologist with the push of a button. Made from real, premium ingredients, … Read more

Cook Your Food Perfectly Every Time with This Digital Sous Chef

The Range Smart Thermometer sports a 3″ sharp tip and is made of durable silicone and steel, making it the perfect tool for your culinary endeavors. Record precise food temperatures, receive notifications on your smartphone when your food is done, or defer to preset temperature settings programmed for specific types of food. Designed for cooking … Read more