Study Finds Just How Many Americans Live Near Mexican Restaurant

The popularity of cuisine from south of the border has become so prevalent in the United States that a whopping 99 percent of Americans now live in close proximity to a Mexican restaurant. The stats come from Pew Research Center analysis of data from Yelp and SafeGraph, the latter of which curates high-quality, up-to-date data to help organizations understand changing market trends. The research … Read more

Taco Tuesday: The Taco Cleanse Is Total Bullsh*t, But You Should Try It Anyway

Let me be real with you from the first sentence: The Taco cleanse –that’s the one where all you do is eat tacos–will not change your life. It won’t solve all your problems. And not even Jennifer Aniston — who recently admitted that she’d “heard of” the cleanse — will get me to admit otherwise. Forget everything else … Read more