Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ Push Day Workout: Upper-Body Bulk

Here’s the thing about celebrity fitness transformations. They’re hardly doable for us mere mortals. You no doubt see Chris Hemsworth’s arms in Thor: Love and Thunder, Jason Momoa’s mammoth upper body in Aquaman 2, and Daniel Craig’s trim physique (at the age of 51, no less) in No Time to Die and think, Yeah, I’d like to look like that. … Read more

20 Best Exercises for Every Muscle, According to Science

Brace your abs and raise your hips into the air as described above, but keep your knees straight. From there, bend your knees and roll the ball back toward you. Keep your hips elevated throughout the set.Everyone who’s into fitness has some methodology, piece of equipment, or program they like over anything else. Some men … Read more