Study Finds Listening to Irish Music Has Surprising Effect on Taste of Guinness

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, researchers have confirmed that Guinness, the favorite beer of Jason Momoa, tastes better if consumed while listening to Irish music. Scientists at the University of Lincoln also found that Guinness’ flavor profile changes depending on what genre of music you’re listening to. The study was published in the … Read more

The Best Irish Whiskey Cocktails to Sip on St. Patrick’s Day

In the U.S., St. Patrick’s Day usually means lots of green beer and cheap whiskey, typically ad nauseam. (And often literally to the point of nausea.) But let’s say you’re tired of serving up the same old swill—what then? Mix yourself some Irish whiskey cocktails. Step up your cocktail game the St. Patrick’s Day with … Read more

Best Bars for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

It’s time to iron your greenest attire and dust off your drinking shoes. We’re highlighting the best bars for St. Patrick’s Day. Covid might’ve curtailed celebrations the last couple of years, but falling caseload numbers and rising optimism means we’ll be hoisting Guinness pints together on March 17—and many other days this month. Depending on … Read more