Melatonin May Have a Profound Effect on Your Memory, Study Says

People having trouble falling asleep frequently turn to melatonin to help prepare themselves for bed. Some users may wake up feeling groggy, leading one to wonder if it could do more harm than good for our brains while we sleep. On the contrary, studies have shown the memory-enhancing effects of melatonin on animals, and new … Read more

How to Sleep When It’s Really Hot Outside

Experts typically recommend setting your bedroom thermostat to around 65°F (a little over 18°C) for optimal sleeping conditions. And if you’ve ever stared at the ceiling for hours on a hot, humid night, you know why: it can be really hard to sleep in a warm room. Your body’s core temperature naturally fluctuates throughout the … Read more

Why Waking Up Earlier Isn’t Necessarily Better

A favorite trope of sleep research is to divide the entire human population into two cute, feathered categories: early birds (also called larks) and night owls. Often, these studies link people’s natural sleep patterns—called their chronotype—with some waking behavior or personality trait. It doesn’t take long to see which team more often comes out on … Read more