Easy Kale Pesto

Easy Kale Pesto Make this easy kale pesto recipe with fresh kale, walnuts, olive oil, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese. It’s the perfect complement to pasta dishes, as a dip or a marinade. Amazingly Easy Kale Pesto Pesto is such a fun way to flavor pastas, proteins, and anything in between. Our classic pesto recipe is a popular one … Read more

4 Ingredient Homemade Pizza Sauce

4 Ingredient Homemade Pizza Sauce This delicious homemade pizza sauce is so easy, you’ll never want to buy store-bought again! With a 5-minute cook time and just 4 basic ingredients, you simply can’t go wrong. The BEST Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe Homemade pizza night just got better with this 4-ingredient homemade pizza sauce! Just grab … Read more

Easy Turkey Gravy

Easy Turkey Gravy Add this simple turkey gravy to your Thanksgiving menu! It’s easily made with turkey drippings, broth and a little bit of cornstarch. Enjoy! Our Go-To Turkey Gravy Every turkey needs a little gravy whether you’re roasting a whole bird, smoking a turkey or just making turkey legs. And this is our go-to … Read more

Hot Honey Sauce

Hot Honey Sauce Our 4-ingredient hot honey sauce is hot, sticky and a little sweet. It’s the perfect sauce to drizzle over chicken, seafood, pizza, roasted veggies and more! The Best Hot Honey Sauce Say hello to our hot honey sauce that you can put on anything! It’s spicy, sticky, a little sweet and garlic-forward … Read more