Struggling to Survive, the First Rural Hospitals Line Up for New Federal Lifeline

Just off the historic U.S. Route 66 in eastern New Mexico, a 10-bed hospital has for decades provided emergency care for a steady flow of people injured in car crashes and ranching accidents. It also has served as a close-to-home option for the occasional overnight patient, usually older residents with pneumonia or heart trouble. It’s … Read more

After People on Medicaid Die, Some States Aggressively Seek Repayment From Their Estates

PERRY, Iowa — Fran Ruhl’s family received a startling letter from the Iowa Department of Human Services four weeks after she died in January 2022. “Dear FAMILY OF FRANCES RUHL,” the letter began. “We have been informed of the death of the above person, and we wish to express our sincere condolences.” The letter got … Read more

Fin de beneficios extra de SNAP por la pandemia amenazan la seguridad alimentaria en zonas rurales

Elko, Nevada. – En una mañana fría a principios de febrero, Tammy King llenó y cargó cajas y bolsas de vegetales, frutas, leche, carne congelada y refrigerios en autos alineados frente al banco de alimentos Friends in Service Helping, conocido en el área rural del noreste de Nevada como FISH. King contó que el banco … Read more

Looming Cuts to Emergency SNAP Benefits Threaten Food Security in Rural America

ELKO, Nev. — On a cold morning in early February, Tammy King prepared and loaded boxes and bags of vegetables, fruits, milk, frozen meat, and snacks into cars lined up outside the Friends in Service Helping food pantry, known in rural northeastern Nevada as FISH. The beginning of the month is busy for the food … Read more