Talking Bull With PBR’s Michael GaffneyRetired Professional Bull Rider Michael Gaffney on Revolutionizing the Sport

The Talking Series is a weekly segment that delves deeper into topics discussed by guests on the Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior Podcast. Imagine climbing onto 2,000 pounds of lean muscle, raging testosterone, and ravenous horns, knowing that once the chute opens, an onslaught of violent bucks and kicks will make eight seconds feel like an … Read more

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Bull Riding Like You’ve Never Seen—or Read

The longest eight seconds one can experience—if you even make it that far—happens while mounted atop a giant, seething bull focusing its entire tonnage on turning brutally jolted riders into human projectiles. The vast majority of us know this vicariously from outside of the ring (and we’re good with that). Professional bull riders, on the … Read more