How to Overcome Fear: Top Tips From Alex Honnold and More

“I thought I was going to die.” We’ve all heard this phrase. Many of us have said it—and usually haven’t meant it literally. But when it’s not hyperbole, when death is actually staring you in the face, there’s terror coiled in those seven words. Yet, in the world of extreme athletics, where operating on the … Read more

Fatherhood Changed How Alex Honnold Climbs, but Not How You’d Expect

Alex Honnold trusts his hands with his life. The world’s most famous free solo climber, whose 2017 ascent up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park became the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, has made a career out of taking on incredible, death-defying climbs. Last week, Honnold talked with Men’s Journal as he prepared … Read more