Researchers Are Working on At-Home Tests for Lyme Disease

If there has been one silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been the rise of rapid self-tests, which provide results at home in minutes. Researchers are hard at work at developing similar tests for other diseases—including Lyme. Lyme disease is transmitted by the black-legged (or deer) tick and infects about 476,000 Americans each year. … Read more

Can Taurine Slow Aging? Here’s What the Latest Science Says

Anti-aging supplements become popular based more on hype than hard evidence—but researchers are starting to investigate some of the more promising ones to add some scientific rigor to the claims. The latest is the amino acid taurine: a familiar ingredient in energy drinks and one that scientists have been studying for decades, albeit for reasons … Read more

Why the Supplement Berberine Is Not ‘Nature’s Ozempic’

Social-media platforms like TikTok are full of people conducting their own one-person trials of what they’re calling “nature’s Ozempic.” The oral supplement berberine, a compound found in turmeric and several other plants, can dupe the appetite-suppressing and weight-loss effects of the popular injection, they say—but without a prescription, high copay, or shot. The only problem … Read more

Black Patients May Be Underdiagnosed for Lung Problems Because of Software Bias

NEW YORK — Racial bias built into a common medical test for lung function is likely leading to fewer Black patients getting care for breathing problems, a study published Thursday suggests. As many as 40% more Black male patients in the study might have been diagnosed with breathing problems if current diagnosis-assisting computer software was … Read more