Eli Lilly Slashed Insulin Prices. This Starts a Race to the Bottom.

When drugmaker Eli Lilly announced Wednesday it will slash the list price for some of its insulin products following years of criticism from lawmakers and activists that the price of the lifesaving hormone had become unaffordable, the news raised questions about what will happen to other efforts to provide low-cost insulin. Civica, a nonprofit drugmaker … Read more

After Capping the Price of Insulin, Colorado Sets Its Sights on EpiPens

Almost four years after becoming the first state to cap insulin prices, Colorado may limit what consumers pay for epinephrine autoinjectors, also known as EpiPens, which treat serious allergic reactions. A proposed state law would cap out-of-pocket copayments at $60 for a two-pack of epinephrine autoinjectors. In 2007, the wholesale price of a single EpiPen … Read more

Se acaba la era de las vacunas y las pruebas gratuitas contra covid. ¿Quién va a pagar?

Se está acabando el tiempo para las vacunas contra covid, los kits de prueba caseros, e incluso algunos tratamientos, gratuitos. La Casa Blanca anunció este mes que la emergencia nacional de salud pública, declarada a principios de 2020 en respuesta a la pandemia, expirará el 11 de mayo. Cuando termine, también lo harán muchas de … Read more

Era of ‘Free’ Covid Vaccines, Test Kits, and Treatments Is Ending. Who Will Pay the Tab Now?

Time is running out for free-to-consumer covid vaccines, at-home test kits, and even some treatments. The White House announced this month that the national public health emergency, first declared in early 2020 in response to the pandemic, is set to expire May 11. When it ends, so will many of the policies designed to combat … Read more