4×4 VS AWD, Explained: What to Know Before You Go Off-Road

For a layman chatting to a mechanic or gearhead, automotive jargon can seem like a foreign language. To the average person on the street, terms like torque vectoring, locking differentials, pinion gears, and half-shafts are meaningless. However, there’s a pair of terms that’s more confusing than they need to be: 4×4 vs AWD. Knowing the … Read more

The Coolest Gear and Biggest Rigs at 2023 Overland Expo West

Overland Expo West returned to Flagstaff, AZ, this past weekend for its 15th year bringing together spectators and enthusiasts eager to check out the latest and greatest off-roading, camping, and cooking gear available from an exploding market and industry. The grounds of Fort Tuthill County park played host to over 30,000 visitors and 417 exhibitors, … Read more

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Pickup Is a Desert Monster

Chevy put race numbers on our spanking new Colorado ZR2 Desert Boss. Never mind the amateur status of a bunch of journalists or that we’re heading onto the official Vegas to Reno off-road race course in a production pickup truck. Race numbers mean it’s game on. How on Earth GM’s liability lawyers signed off on this … Read more