Montana Seeks to Insulate Nursing Homes From Future Financial Crises

Wes Thompson, administrator of Valley View Home in the northeastern Montana town of Glasgow, believes the only reasons his skilled nursing facility has avoided the fate of the 11 nursing homes that closed in the state last year are local tax levies and luck. Valley County, with a population of just over 7,500, passed levies … Read more

California Dangles Bonuses for Nursing Homes That Add Staff

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California is revamping how it rewards nursing homes to get them to improve patient care. Rather than limit bonuses to top-performing facilities, the state will hand out additional Medicaid payments next year to nursing homes — even low-rated ones — that hire additional workers, reduce staff turnover, or improve quality of care. … Read more

As Long-Term Care Staffing Crisis Worsens, Immigrants Can Bridge the Gaps

When Margarette Nerette arrived in the United States from Haiti, she sought safety and a new start. The former human rights activist feared for her life in the political turmoil following the military coup that overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991. Leaving her two small children with her sister in Port-au-Prince, Nerette, then 29, came … Read more

Nursing Home Owners Drained Cash During Pandemic While Residents Deteriorated

After the nursing home where Leann Sample worked was bought by private investors, it started falling apart. Literally. Part of a ceiling collapsed on a nurse, the air conditioning conked out regularly, and a toilet once burst on Sample while she was helping a resident in the bathroom, she recalled in a court deposition. “It’s … Read more