The Breakout Stars of the 2022 NFL Season

An NFL team can’t win without great young talent. The “young” part is important. The league’s rookie contract scale means that the most valuable group of NFL players—aside from franchise quarterbacks—are the players on their first contracts who produce like superstars. The 2022 season has an excellent group of these players. Some have produced immediate … Read more

The Most Intense NFL Rivalries of All Time

Football is about rivalries. If you follow a team long enough, and then you get lucky, you might get to watch your team win a Super Bowl or two. And that’s great. But most years, that won’t happen, and the greatest memories a fan will carry with them come down to something much simpler: beating (or … Read more

The Best NFL Games to Watch in 2022

There will be 272 regular season NFL games in 2022, the second year of a scheduling format that boasts 17 games per team. That’s a lot of football, but some of these contests will be better than others. Your preferred sort of NFL game is a personal decision. Maybe you like watching the Jacksonville Jaguars … Read more