Most Scenic Hot Springs to Soak Away Stress

From Banff to Baden-Baden, here are our steamy favorite thermal baths to put your mind and body at ease. Hot springs are among Earth’s most deep-rooted gifts. Created from groundwater’s interaction with magma and hot igneous rock from the planet’s molten core, super-heated springs (aka thermal baths) are found around the globe—ranging from small natural pools … Read more

Doctors Are Prescribing National Parks Passes to Patients on the Mend

Add healing-through-nature to hockey and Tim Hortons as Canadian gifts to world culture. Healthcare providers in four provinces—British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba—can now prescribe free national parks passes to patients as part of their health treatments. This Outdoor Program Is at the Forefront of Wilderness Adventure Therapy Nature is the ultimate anti-depressant, and Costa Rica’s Pure Life … Read more

Seasonal Eating: Summer Fruits and Vegetables

Sunshine, beach days, camping, cookouts—there’s a lot to love about summer. My favorite part of summer is when the seasonal summer vegetables hit my community farmer’s market. Strolling past table after table laden with freshly picked berries, heirloom tomatoes, and green vegetables galore makes me happy deep in my soul.  Summer’s also ripe (no pun … Read more

Backpacking Essentials: Gear, Skills, and More

Continuing the celebration of National Get Outdoors Month, today we’re covering some essential backpacking gear, skills, and preparations that will help ensure you return from your adventure happy, healthy, and in one piece. Preparing for a backpacking trip can be intimidating—there’s so much to think about! What will you eat? How much water do you … Read more