Hurricane Ian’s Deadly Impact on Florida Seniors Exposes Need for New Preparation Strategies

All kinds of natural disasters — hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, dangerous heat waves — pose substantial risks to older adults. Yet, not enough seniors prepare for these events in advance, and efforts to encourage them to do so have been largely unsuccessful. The most recent horrific example was Hurricane Ian, the massive storm that in … Read more

Climate Change Magnifies Health Impacts of Wildfire Smoke in Care Deserts

DRESSLERVILLE, Nev. — Smoke began billowing into the skies of northwestern Nevada in September, clouding the mountains, dimming the sun — and quashing residents’ hopes that they would be spared from wildfires and the awful air quality the blazes produce. The lung-irritating particles were blowing in from burning forests in California and settling in Douglas … Read more

Hurricane Ian Shows That Coastal Hospitals Aren’t Ready for Climate Change

As rapidly intensifying storms and rising sea levels threaten coastal cities from Texas to the tip of Maine, Hurricane Ian has just demonstrated what researchers have warned: Hundreds of hospitals in the U.S. are not ready for climate change. Hurricane Ian forced at least 16 hospitals from central to southwestern Florida to evacuate patients after … Read more

Journalists Look Into Wildfire Trauma and the South’s Monkeypox Response

KHN reporter and producer Heidi de Marco discussed the impact of wildfire trauma on children in Northern California on CapRadio’s “Insight With Vicki Gonzalez” on Sept. 13. Click here to hear de Marco on CapRadio Read de Marco’s “Children in Northern California Learn to Cope With Wildfire Trauma” KHN Florida correspondent Daniel Chang discussed the … Read more