10 Best Helmets for Every High-impact Sport

Helmets absorb energy and slow the movement of your head, which minimizes impact to your brain. In other words, they save lives and lessen would-be serious injuries. Most helmets, though, are sport-specific—and not all are created equal.  Look for one that’s safety certified and provides some rotational protection. If a helmet has been certified safe … Read more

Mountain Biking Norway’s West Coast: Oslo to Lofoten Islands

Of all of the places I’ve been around the world doing mountain biking road trips with Irish pro Enduro racer Jonathan Maunsell (pictured), exploring Norway’s E-39 Highway along the country’s West Coast might just be the most spectacular and scenic I’ve been on. The highway is a marvel of engineering. Its $47 billion price tag … Read more

The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Central Colorado

You can’t discuss mountain biking in Colorado without talking about the Central Rockies region. Well, you can—you’ll just be leaving out some of the juiciest singletrack rides, through some of the most spectacular scenery, with some of the raddest terrain anywhere in the state. Central Colorado is characterized by its pine, spruce, and aspen groves, … Read more