Ride to the End of the World With Dainese Expedition Masters

Before arriving in El Calafate, Argentina, with the singular purpose of riding a motorcycle to the southern end of the world with Dainese Expedition Masters, there’s the little matter of just getting there.  An abridged glimpse of this commute to the distant gates of Patagonia from O’Hare International (after a redeye flight to Chicago from Hartfield-Jackson) … Read more

Riding Hot Laps on Indian’s Challenger Dark Horse Motorcycle

Ever wonder what it’s like to manhandle a quarter-ton of American muscle? We took a spin on Indian’s Challenger Dark Horse Motorcycle. I’m chatting with King of the Baggers champion Tyler O’Hara just minutes before heading out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, where his race-spec Indian Challenger Dark Horse is waiting for me to climb aboard. … Read more

Dainese Smart Jacket Is A BYOB Airbag for Motorcyclists

Motorcycles have always been dangerous. Thankfully, the latest and greatest safety technology like ABS, lean-sensitive traction control, engine modes for rainy days, and even early-warning radar systems are keeping motorcyclists hedging their bets with each passing year. While it’s impossible to compete with the safety advantages of a traditional automobile—roll cage and seat belts won’t … Read more

Zero Motorcycles DSR/X Might Convince Adventure Riders to Go All-Electric

The rapidly expanding adventure motorcycle market receives a new player today from Zero Motorcycles: the all-electric DSR/X. If the prospect of a battery-powered ADV bike sounds far-fetched given range anxiety and a general lack of charging station infrastructure, rest assured that Zero recognizes exactly how much of a challenge the DSR/X faces and tried to … Read more