Riding Hot Laps on Indian’s Challenger Dark Horse Motorcycle

Ever wonder what it’s like to manhandle a quarter-ton of American muscle? We took a spin on Indian’s Challenger Dark Horse Motorcycle. I’m chatting with King of the Baggers champion Tyler O’Hara just minutes before heading out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, where his race-spec Indian Challenger Dark Horse is waiting for me to climb aboard. … Read more

Dainese Smart Jacket Is A BYOB Airbag for Motorcyclists

Motorcycles have always been dangerous. Thankfully, the latest and greatest safety technology like ABS, lean-sensitive traction control, engine modes for rainy days, and even early-warning radar systems are keeping motorcyclists hedging their bets with each passing year. While it’s impossible to compete with the safety advantages of a traditional automobile—roll cage and seat belts won’t … Read more

Zero Motorcycles DSR/X Might Convince Adventure Riders to Go All-Electric

The rapidly expanding adventure motorcycle market receives a new player today from Zero Motorcycles: the all-electric DSR/X. If the prospect of a battery-powered ADV bike sounds far-fetched given range anxiety and a general lack of charging station infrastructure, rest assured that Zero recognizes exactly how much of a challenge the DSR/X faces and tried to … Read more