TikTokers Create Mesmerizing UFC-Style Glass Smashing Tournaments

There’s something unmistakably cathartic about smashing glass or ceramic objects, as evidenced by the proliferation of so-called rage rooms that have popped up across the country in recent years. But if you take breaking glass and combine it with a UFC-style showdown? Now that’s the ultimate recipe for entertainment. Such was the brainchild of TikTok … Read more

Logan Paul Speaks Out After Fiancé Tormented by Fight Rival Online

Public disagreements between opponents ahead of a match are nothing new, but the beef between YouTuber-turner MMA fighter Logan Paul and fellow brawler Dillon Danis is an especially crazy one. While Danis claims he’s had a rivalry with Logan and his brother Jake “forever,” according to The Sun, the rhetoric hit new heights when they … Read more