Wild Footage Shows Two Men Barely Escape Boat Before It Explodes

Two Michigan boaters barely escaped their vessel before it exploded into a ball of flames. Nathan Greenwood was boating out on Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay when he came upon two unidentified men trapped inside of a burning Bali watercraft. Greenwood’s wife, Rino, captured the terrifying event on camera. The video begins with the trapped men exchanging … Read more

Feds Move to Rein In Prior Authorization, a System That Harms and Frustrates Patients

When Paula Chestnut needed hip replacement surgery last year, a pre-operative X-ray found irregularities in her chest. As a smoker for 40 years, Chestnut was at high risk for lung cancer. A specialist in Los Angeles recommended the 67-year-old undergo an MRI, a high-resolution image that could help spot the disease. But her MRI appointment … Read more

Abortion Debate Ramps Up in States as Congress Deadlocks

Anti-abortion advocates are pressing for expanded abortion bans and tighter restrictions since the Supreme Court overturned the national right to abortion. But with the debate mostly deadlocked in Washington, the focus is shifting to states convening their first full legislative sessions since Roe v. Wade was overturned. Although some state GOP lawmakers have filed bills … Read more