No Prison Time for Tennessee Nurse Convicted of Fatal Drug Error

RaDonda Vaught, a former Tennessee nurse convicted of two felonies for a fatal drug error, whose trial became a rallying cry for nurses fearful of the criminalization of medical mistakes, will not be required to spend any time in prison. Davidson County criminal court Judge Jennifer Smith on Friday granted Vaught a judicial diversion, which … Read more

Why Nurses Are Raging and Quitting After the RaDonda Vaught Verdict

Emma Moore felt cornered. At a community health clinic in Portland, Oregon, the 29-year-old nurse practitioner said she felt overwhelmed and undertrained. Coronavirus patients flooded the clinic for two years, and Moore struggled to keep up. Then the stakes became clear. On March 25, about 2,400 miles away in a Tennessee courtroom, former nurse RaDonda … Read more

Reaction to the RaDonda Vaught Verdict: KHN Wants to Hear From Nurses

RaDonda Vaught, a former Tennessee nurse, killed a patient in 2017 by administering the wrong drug.  She was criminally prosecuted and convicted of gross neglect and negligent homicide on March 25. She faces up to eight years in prison.  Vaught’s conviction drew national attention and left many in the nursing profession worried it will set … Read more

Nurse Convicted of Neglect and Negligent Homicide for Fatal Drug Error

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – RaDonda Vaught, a former nurse criminally prosecuted for a fatal drug error in 2017, was convicted of gross neglect of an impaired adult and negligent homicide Friday after a three-day trial that gripped nurses across the country. Vaught faces three to six years in prison for neglect and one to two years … Read more