Colorado Bill Would Encourage, But Not Require, CPR Training in High Schools

A bill advancing in the Colorado legislature would encourage schools to begin teaching students lifesaving skills before graduation, but critics contend it’s little more than a “feel-good” measure devoid of vital requirements and funding. Colorado is one of 10 states where laws don’t mandate CPR training for high school students, according to the American Heart … Read more

Latino Teens Are Deputized as Health Educators to Sway the Unvaccinated

Classmates often stop Alma Gallegos as she makes her way down the bustling hallways of Theodore Roosevelt High School in southeast Fresno, California. The 17-year-old senior is frequently asked by fellow students about covid-19 testing, vaccine safety, and the value of booster shots. Alma earned her reputation as a trusted source of information through her … Read more

Nueva meta de las escuelas de medicina: médicos que no discriminen a pacientes obesos

Cuando Melissa Boughton se quejó con su gineco-obstetra de un dolor pélvico,  la doctora respondió preguntándole sobre su dieta y sus hábitos de ejercicio. En ese momento, Boughton pensó que la pregunta parecía irrelevante, considerando el tipo de dolor que sentía. Pero no era inusual viniendo de esta médica. “Cada vez que iba, hablaba sobre … Read more

To Shed Bias, Doctors Get Schooled to Look Beyond Obesity

When Melissa Boughton complained to her OB-GYN about dull pelvic pain, the doctor responded by asking about her diet and exercise habits. The question seemed irrelevant, considering the type of pain she was having, Boughton thought at the time. But it wasn’t unusual coming from this doctor. “Every time I was in there, she’d talk … Read more