20 Glute Exercises to Get Your Best Butt

Strong glutes are not born; they’re made. Genetics play a role, as NFL linemen know, but most of us lose pronounced glute muscles by sitting all day and skipping stairs. Making matters worse is we head to the gym and devote most of our time to our upper bodies, ignoring leg workouts and arguably our … Read more

15 Best Triceps Workouts and Exercises for Building Muscle

Sometimes you’ve got to trash your triceps (in the best way) to stimulate new levels of growth in your arms. In order to do so, you need to incorporate the best triceps workouts and exercises. The triceps rank among the body’s most under-appreciated muscles. Bodybuilders focus more on the higher-profile biceps, while sport-specific athletes gravitate … Read more

How Much Cardio Can I Do Without Losing Muscle?

Program your runs and weightlifting routines with these expert techniques to not only preserve muscle but gain mass. Most fitness fanatics define themselves as either runners or lifters. If you categorize yourself in the latter camp, then you’re probably most comfortable clanking weights, slamming through supersets, and perfecting your Olympic lifts. Cardio? It’s not for … Read more

35 Best Glute Exercises of All Time

Strong glutes are crucial for explosive performance and safeguarding your low back and joints. Here’s how to develop yours. We’re in the midst of a glutes renaissance. Thanks to Instagram, the increased focus on functional fitness, men and women are trying to build stronger, better butts. And with that goal comes the quest for better, more … Read more