A Decade Later, the Mom From TIME’s Controversial Breastfeeding Cover Is Glad She Did It

Most TIME covers feature people already accustomed to the harsh glare of fame. Others depict those caught up in situations not of their own choosing. But occasionally, a regular person wanders unwittingly into the red border, because his or her life and the news briefly overlap. Such was the case in 2012 when Jamie Lynne … Read more

Long Waits, Short Appointments, Huge Bills: U.S. Health Care Is Causing Patient Burnout

You haven’t been feeling well lately. You’re more tired than usual, a bit sluggish. You wonder if there’s something wrong with your diet. Or maybe you’re anemic? You call your primary-­care doctor’s office to schedule an appointment. They inform you the next available appointment is in three weeks. So, you wait. And then you wait … Read more

The Daily Habits of Happiness Experts

If anyone knows the secret to happiness, it’s surely the people who have dedicated their careers to studying it. The first thing they’ll tell you? Being happy all the time isn’t a feasible—or even desirable—goal. “It’s not a yellow smiley face,” says positive psychology expert Stella Grizont, founder and CEO of Woopaah, which focuses on … Read more